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Charlie Sheen, TV Quacks and Armchair Psychology

I’m concerned about Charlie Sheen. Like genuinely concerned. It’s not because he disclosed he is HIV positive. It’s not because as of late he looks like a character on The Walking Dead. It’s not because he went off his antiretrovirals to take an alternative treatment method (well I am concerned about that but not as much).

It’s because he clearly has a mental health issue and the people in his life that are supposed to protect him are putting him in a precarious position. 

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Finally Someone is Calling Out Dr. Oz, But What About the Others?

If you know me in my personal life, you know I have a strong distaste for Dr. Oz and “medical professionals” of that ilk. How someone who is respected in the medical community could degrade himself and his credentials in such a manner is beyond me. He’s like the Sham-wow guy or Mr. Set-it-and-forget-it without a catchphrase.

What’s alarming is he’s not the only one.

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